Star Traks #5: The Wrathe of Kahn

By Todd© 1/10/10 2:35am Geneva

tod Hey you guys! It's been a while since I wrote a review. I almost forgot how! LOLMAOROLF! Well this night I'm reviewing a great film by the late director Tim Burtons...Star Traks #5; The Wrathe of Kahn. The first thing I saw on this movie was a preview of the movie Star Traks 1: The early years. Did you know Captain Kirks was a juvinile delinquent? ME EITHERS! But he was. He even drove a car off a cliff like Selma and Louise! WOW, what an asshole! So then they showed another preview for Star Traks the TV show version. You could see all the details in hi res def! Blue ray is the only way now! You should throw your old TVS into the street or a trash cans and go Blue! The movie The Wrathe Kahn focuses on Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island© fame, only now he has long hair and big boobies. One time he caused me to have strange feelings when he leaned over the ships console and one of his knockers popped out of his red vest. How didn't he have a bra on? Tune in Tokyo! I am going to get my girlfriend Sheila a grey haired wig for this weekend. The movie was real good except for the confusing parts. There is a worm that like to hide in peoples ears and make them act up. And there are Two space ships and a man with elf ears who is not very friendly. So far my only complaint is where the heck is Tattoo? Maybe they forgot to lower the camera so we can see him. I don't know how it ended because my sister called to tell me the familys plans for Thanksgiving Day, and Star Traks 5; The Wrathe of Kahn ended during that. But I bet it was good. I have to bring a side order for Thanksgiving Day so I'm thinking about some creamy caseroles. I found an recipe on www.rachelrays.coms which looks pretty creamy. I would like to cook a meal with Rachel Rays in her warm kitchen. Our necks would come close as we prepared the clippings and soon our sweat droplets would become one as we made hot sexual passion on the counter-tops. I think the casserole will be pleasing, but I will leave out the chicken. Chicken meat is too expensive , plus my cousin Larry is a Vegen. They don't eat animal meats or bird parts. Well I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving Day. If you get a chance wrent Star Traks 5; The Wrathe of Kahn and see it. It's so good!