Wow, my bosses sure like me so much!! Last night at the 25th Annual WMTDS employee appreciation dinner and dance, my lady boss, Mrs. Douglas, presented me with a "Good Time Achievement Award for Good Work" that was a BlueRay player and also a dvd of the movie Iron Mans. What a surprise! Thank you Lady Douglas.

First I can review the BlueRay player from the company Magnavox Brands. What a good machine! It is black and kind of square shaped and will accept up to one blueray disc at a times. The sticker on the box say the model is the "Refurbished".

Now on to the movie.

Now I will review the movie.

The movie I am reviewing is the DVD release of America's number one blockbuster IRON:MANS. Starring Morton Downey Jr., Gweenith Paltrow, Cuba Gooding Jr., (Wow lots of juniors!) and Yul Brenner as Iron Mongrel.

First let me say that the picture on this DVD is incredulous! You can see all of the details of the movie. One time I was looking a Toni Starks {SPOILER ALERT!!} who is also Iron Mans, {END OF SPOILER ALERT.}and I thought I saw a booger on his nose. I laughed so much that I passed wind! Glad Sandra has no sense of smell!! LMAO ROLF LOL! Then when {SPOILER ALERT!!} Tony almost dies in a missile attack {END OF OTHER SPOILER ALERT.}while serving his country in Iraq you see blood meat come out of his best friends head and it seems almost realistic!! These are just one of the details you can see. I will not turn back from Blu-Ray now!

The movie itself is very good. I liked watching Tony Starks go from a poor soldier in Iraq to rich regular man in California. What a insperational story. Tony has a beautiful girl named Potsy Potts (Gweenith Platrow) who lives in his house. If I was Tony I would kiss Potsy Potts's neck late at night and see her without clothing. BUT TONY STARKS IS ONLY IN LOVE WITH HIMSELF!!!! This is a movie that I will see again and again. Buy a copy TODAY!!

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