Wow what a strange Movie I just saw! The movie was called Black Swans and it starred Natali Portland of Star War Fames! In this movie she playes several characters and turns into a bird! HOW STRANGE! It also has lots of adult scenes!

In this movie Natali Portland lives with her Mother and they have a very good relationship, until Natali becomes mischheveeus and she decides to LIVE LIFE SEXY!™ but not in the good way. Natali tries alcohol, drugs and cheap men... One time she goes to the bathroom with a skinhead and they alomst make sex, but lickily she wises up! SHew, that was a close won!

Later in this movie she goes back to her mom's house with the girl from the 70's Show - I don't know what happened next because my Brother called and told me that I should be expecting an invitation to our annual family BBQ down in TExas! I can't weight to see all my faminly and friends down SOUth! I will probbly just bring my Creamy Marinara Pasta Salad with swEEt cream corn topping this year since you can't bring meats on airplanes anymore! Thank a lot terrorists!!

Also, I think thay made this movie in winter, because natali has her headlights on in the whole movie! TUNE IN TOKYO!!!

When I came back to Black Swams, Natali Portland was dancing alot like that one part in Dirty Dance where Jennifer Beals was being picked up by Patrick Swayzes! Wow who knew she could dance like this?! But then a acciddent happens and Natali falls off of the man holdong her! Pretty soon after this things take a turn for the worse and our star murders another lady with a vegetable peeler, then another lady with a mirror. WTD? When did this movie turn from a dance movie to a horror one?! I guess that's why it one so many Oscar! It was very changing!

I will rewatch th parts I miissed when my broTHer called and tell you if it was good or not.


My girlfriend Sandra sent Black Swans back to Netflix© without asking. I need a new girlfriend who doesn't mess with my Netflix! I guess I won't be able to tell you all aboUt Balck Swams. But all the parts I saw was very good! RENT IT! OR BUY IT

Thumb Up!